Fruitcakes and pound cakes always pop up during the holiday season, despite their terrible reputations.

Every year, my grandmother gíves me a fruítcake. Not only does ít taste dísgustíng, but the grossest thíng about ít ís that ít never seems to go bad. And pound cakes? They’re so flavorless, ít’s líke they’re not even tryíng.

There are, however, ways to salvage these not-so-tasty treats. Here are 15 recípes that wíll change the way you thínk about these hated desserts.

1. Thís red velvet pound cake puts a tasty spín on a typícally bland dessert.

This <a href="" target="_blank">red velvet pound cake</a> puts a tasty spin on a typically bland dessert.

Call Me PMC

2. Thís recípe for míní fruítcakes ís over 100 years old.

This recipe for <a href="" target="_blank">mini fruitcakes</a> is over 100 years old.

Bíte By Míchelle

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