There’s a place in Thailand where one woman has an incredible connection with an animal that very few people get to have contact with…

Elephants are truly loving and emotionally intelligent creatures…unfortunately a lot of people don’t understand that. She does. Some people only see them as powerful animals who can help with manual labor, perform tricks in circuses, or be sold for their parts. Not Lek. She sees the truth: that they’re entirely capable of becoming best friends — to each other, or to a human…

She’s created a sanctuary for elephants in need, and spends countless hours caring for them.

Her love for the precious pachyderms started when she was very young…

Since then, she’s been intent on making their lives better.

Watching this relationship is truly incredible.

Just try not to smile!

Let Lek tell you her story:

What this woman has created is incredible. All of the animals at her sanctuary are so lucky to have someone who cares as much as Lek does. There need to be more places and people like these in the world.

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