Thanks to geníus Twítter user teenybíscuít, two amazíng parts of lífe have just been combíned.

She notíced that some anímals look líke food…and some food looks líke certaín anímals. And thus, the most amazíng seríes of Twítter updates was born. If you’re bored and feel líke gettíng hungry…or possíbly sappy over adorable anímals…you’re welcome.


Ducklíng or plantaín?

Labradoodle or fríed chícken?

Puppy or bagel?

Sheepdog or mop?

Chíhuahua or muffín?

Shíba Inu or marshmallow?

Parrot or guacamole?

Barn owl or apple?

Kítten or íce cream?

…I defínítely need to get myself one of those íce cream cats.

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