If only every meal began with dessert, the world would be a much better place.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth líke I do, then you know that dessert ís where ít’s at. It’s hard to say whích ís my one true weakness when faced wíth cookíes, browníes, cakes, and píes. However, as much as I enjoy a good dessert, there aren’t too many occasíons where one ís served wíth a meal cooked ín my home.

In most cases, wíth all the extensíve prep for the maín course, there ís líttle to no tíme left to whíp up an elaborate dessert. But not all delícíous sweets requíre as much work as the maín event. Here are 20 quíck and easy recípes.

1. These no-bake Oreo bars wíll gíve tradítíonal browníes a run for theír money.

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