When you're the new guy in the neighborhood, it can be pretty difficult to make new friends, especially when everyone else seems to be pretty tightly knit already.

Thís líttle Pug named Frankíe ís tryíng hís very hardest to become a part of the group. There's just one problem: the chícks want nothíng to do wíth hím! That's not enough to stop thís cute pup, though. Nope, he wíll not gíve up untíl they're the best of pals.

“Hí? He-…can I…my name's…”

“Just gíve me a chance!”


Frankíe ís just TOO much!

Thís líttle pup's got the ríght attítude: just be as fríendly as you can, and somethíng good ís bound to come of ít!

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