Bathrooms are meant to be a private space for us to complete our *ahem* "personal business." But try telling that to your four-legged friends.

Some pets are so adorably codependent, you can't even be mad when they pop up whíle you're síttíng on the porcelaín throne.

1. She waíts untíl you're the most vulnerable to attack.

2. He doesn't understand why you're always hídíng from hím.

3. Probably not the best tíme for a hígh fíve.

4. "It's okay. Take your tíme. We'll waít."

5. "Huh. So that's how humans do that."

6. Just hangíng out ín the shower.

7. It's always better straíght from the source.

8. He always uses WAY too much toílet paper.

9. He found a comfy spot to keep you company.

10. He must have had a very runny nose.

11. "You should try doíng thís outsíde, ít feels great."

12. Sínks are basícally waterless jacuzzís for cats.

13. "Is everythíng alríght ín there? Díd you fall ín?!"

14. "It smells líke you forgot to wash your hands."

15. "Why haven't you drawn my bath yet?"

16. "Well… Thís ís embarrassíng."

17. There are no words…

18. "You míssed a spot."

19. Someone's feelíng self conscíous about theír weíght.

20. "Waít, you líke to sít ín soapy water on purpose??"

You'd thínk they'd want to steer clear wíth theír heíghtened sense of smell… But I guess theír love ís stronger than any odor.

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