Making a gingerbread house is a sacred Christmas tradition for many families. Sometimes it’s worth doing just to watch the tears and recriminations, but for others it’s genuinely an enjoyable holiday hobby. This wife, though, turned the whole “gingerbread house” idea into a sugar-filled, 30 hour obsession. I don’t know whether to be impressed by this or just a little bit frightened.

First, she decided to base the gingerbread house on Adventure Time’s Candy Kingdom. Then, she bought (basically) an entire candy store.

It took a few attempts to get the glass candy head in the kingdom right…

Then, she used melted isomalt crystals and dyed them.

Ohhh, pretty.

She used a silicone ice cube maker as the mold.

Making a mold for the walls using styrofoam.

Let the outside of the sphere harden and drained the excess.

The pretty result.

(P.S., not for eating.)

Although kitty may disagree.

The final wall mold for various parts of the kingdom.

Mixing up some gingerbread dough…

Mmm, construction.

Going into the oven…

Out of the oven and the onto the mold.

Using stencils to make the little parts of the castle.


And now more baking!

Oops, the gingerbread expanded.

So, she had to whittle down some of the pieces.

She glued different pieces together with melted sugar.

Coming together…

The cupcake roof (that would later be decorated).

She made it by using a glass bowl.

The sugar glue was very strong.

The support system didn’t have to be as pretty.

You might not realize it, but making a bunch of round walls out of gingerbread? Not easy.

Lots of progress.

Using Airheads for the waterfalls and moats.

Those are the most gorgeous waterfalls I’ve ever seen.

At first, she used normal buttercream icing for the kingdom, but it looked too messy, so she wiped it off.

So she switched to fondant (a special rolled out icing that lots of cake-decorators use).

Making the tower…

(And trying not to eat the fondant.)

So pretty.

Melted down colored chocolate wafers.

…to make chocolate grass.

Really coming together.

Decorating the guardian heads. She broke one (then cried, presumably) but was able to fix it with a lighter.

Used melted sugar to make their bubble wands.

This tree was made using melted sugar, cotton candy and pink sugar dust. It’s heavenly.

And FINISHED. It took over 30 hours to complete.

… and it was worth every second.

Just… just look at the little trees.

How could anyone eat something so pretty?

The guardians!

Someone give this wife a medal. Maybe some insulin.

(For reference.) Dang. She is GOOD.

She spent a week of the Christmas season building something she knew would be destroyed and eaten within minutes. Cojones, yo.

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