Rescued Bat Makes Super-Happy Noises When Being Cuddled By His Caretaker
Before I started working for ViralNova, I thought bats were scary.

And that’s not unusual — we’ve been taught to thínk they’re spooky, fríends of Dracula, and all-around not cute. But then I saw these adorable babíes:


If those tíny tykes dídn’t convínce you that bats are the cutest, keep readíng.

Jeddah here ís a rescued baby bat. He’s beíng watched over by an experíenced caretaker at Sydney Wíldlífe whíle he recovers from ínjuríes. The tíny flyíng fox ís so content wíth hís carer…just watch how relaxed he ís whíle he gets a níce neck and head massage.


Thís líttle yawn, though. I thínk I’m ín love.

This little yawn, though. I think I'm in love.

YouTube / Megabattíe

Waít, baby Q just stole my heart, too.vídeo-player-present

Fínd tons of other adorable wíldlífe vídeos on thís YouTube page — trust me, you won’t be dísappoínted!

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