Our world is becoming increasingly more digital, causing art forms that have been around for generations to quickly becoming extinct. Such is the case in the art of penmanship. As the old masters of calligraphy pass away, few are filling the massive void their passing leaves behind.

Enter Jake Weidmann, the youngest master penman in the United States by three generations and only one of twelve people left in the world to hold the title of master penman. His incredible work spans across numerous mediums in art and calligraphy, but he’s mostly known for his use of flourishing and hand-lettering in the context of his art pieces. Watch below and see how something as simple as handwriting can be beautiful.

You can really tell how much passion for hand-lettering and typography Jake has, as well as a love for meticulous detail. Let’s hope he goes on to inspire future penmans and keep the art alive.


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