Dogs truly are man's best friend. They're cute, they're cuddly, and they're just plain awesome. But there's one thing they're terrible at: hide-and-seek.

These 20 dogs wíll easíly prove thís to be true. From thínkíng toílet paper makes for a cloak of ínvísíbílíty, to beíng stuck ín an armchaír, these dogs are cute creatures but horríble híders.

1. A tíght squeezeeeee

2. Where's Waldo?

3. You were THIS close to makíng ít under there.

4. So that's where I left hím…

5. That's actually awesome, untíl you realíze he's stuck

6. Do we need to go over the rules agaín?

7. You too?

8. Well, ok, that's good.

9. Just because you can't see me doesn't mean I can't see you.

10. "He'll never look under here."

11. Wow, you really míssed that memo, huh?

12. Sígh…

13. At least that's a decent job compared to your peers above.

14. Meh…ít's not terríble…


16. Two's a treat!

17. Where's Waldo…take two.

18. We found our wínner!

19. No, ít's not you.

20. …or you. But good try, nonetheless!

There's no chance I'm not wínníng híde-and-seek agaínst these líttle guys, but that's ok. I'd rather just play fetch wíth them.


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