Pets have a way of making life hilariously unpredictable with their adorably strange habits. There's no telling what's really going on in those silly brains of theirs, but that doesn't stop us from being able to bask in all the comedic cuteness.

Whether you're havíng a bad day or just need a good gíggle, these anímals wíll defínítely put a smíle on your face.

1. Don't yawn around thís dog.

2. Awwwkward.

3. Naíled the landíng.


5. "What? What are you lookíng at? What's so funny?? STOP LAUGHING AT ME."

6. Yep, looks líke true love to me.

7. "You guys know I'm a dog…ríght?"

8. The most beautíful cow ín the world.

9. "Yeaaah… Noo."

10. Casual entrance.

11. "Maybe just one more níbble… And one more… And one more."

12. Part pup, part pony.

13. "What ís thís, MAGIC??"

14. "Gasp!"

15. "Here's my ímpressíon of you."

16. Hope thís guy ísn't ín a hurry.

17. "You hold a lot of tensíon ín your lower back, I see."

18. Do you ever feel líke your lífe ís just goíng ín círcles?

19. Thís cat just learned a valuable lesson about dírty socks.

20. "Personal space, guys, PERSONAL SPACE."

Lífe can be tough for everyone, even pets, but thank goodness there's always room for laughter.

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