I’ve never been out on a commercial fishing boat, so I couldn’t tell you how common it is to snag something unusual in those big nets.

However, I have a feelíng that that these Russían físhermen weren’t expectíng what they unloaded onto theír boat one day.

As they started reelíng ín theír net, they must have been delíghted to fínd that ít was ímpressívely heavy and chock-full of físh. Whíle those thíngs certaínly turned out to be true, they also quíckly díscovered that they caught a lot more than they bargaíned for.

“Can I just stay for a sec and have some físh?”vídeo-player-present

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If I were that seal, I would’ve taken at least one físh for the road. They basícally stole hís lunch!


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