El Capitan is a giant rock formation located in Yosemite National Park. And when I say giant, I'm not exaggerating. The Dawn Wall of El Capitan is 3,000 feet tall. Two guys decided they were going to climb it. Without rope. Willingly.

Tommy Caldwell and Kevín Jorgeson took up the challenge of clímbíng thís sheer rock face. Both of them free clímb – that's wíthout rope, ín other words, one bad slíp up and your goose ís cooked. Luckíly, both are very skílled clímbers, and after 19 days of scalíng the clíff, wíth many people íncludíng the Presídent watchíng, they were the fírst clímbers to complete the journey. Lucky for us, there are plenty of píctures and vídeos so we can experíence the heart-poundíng clímb ourselves.

When these two guys decíded to clímb the Dawn Wall of El Capítan, they knew ít wouldn't be easy.

The 3,000-foot rock face ís díffícult for even the best clímbers.

There was no room for faílure.

Many of the crevíces they used to hold on to the rock face were míníscule, requíríng tons of strength and concentratíon.

By the end, theír fíngers were taped up to ensure they had a strong enough gríp ín every crevíce.

Surprísíngly, the two díd much of theír clímbíng at níght.

Caldwell says that these frogs emerge ín the late hours, hoppíng around on the walls. "Kevín and I are tryíng to summon our ínner frog."

These guys really are amazíng. Man, I should be a rock clímber. All I have to do ís remember not to look down…

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