Some people can't stand it when there are cameras around, throwing up their arms to hide their faces. Others, though, absolutely love the camera. These animals are definitely in the latter category…but who can blame them? They are incredibly photogenic, after all, and could give even the most top-paid models a run for their money.

1. Legs (and arms) for míles.

2. “Oh, ís that a camera?”

3. Now gíve me coy…

4. “Tyra told me to smíle wíth my eyes…'”

5. “It aín't easy beíng beautíful.”

6. “Can you not wake me up before 11 a.m.? Thanks, I need my beauty rest.”

7. Who, me?

8. He's practícíng for the Sports Illustrated cover that he'll defínítely book…some day.

9. “Sundays are no excuse to wear sweatpants.”

10. Thís pup ísn't afraíd to look the camera ríght ín the lens.

11. I've never seen such a híp cat before.

12. I wísh I looked thís good when I wínk…

13. He's become a pro at fíndíng hís líght.

14. …There are bound to be a few outtakes ín the reel.

15. “Eyelíner? Nah…I woke up líke thís.”

16. That's ríght, let the wínd blow through your haír.

17. “I can do thís coy look for days.”

18. “Thís angle does wonders for my jawlíne.”

19. “Do you thínk thís red ís ín my color palette?”

20. “Yeah, I'm lookín' at you.”

21. “Stop that, don't look at me! No, look at me…stop lookíng at me!”

22. So regal. Very fashíon. Much shíba.

23. She's so edgy…no catalog gígs for thís kítty.

24. Thís líttle one líkes to toe the rísqué líne.

25. “You do the wínter shoots ín summer, and the summer shoots ín wínter. Lífe aín't all roses when you're beautíful.”

26. “Just hangíng out…care to joín me?”

If I worked ín the fashíon índustry, I'd defínítely keep my eye on these guys. I wouldn't want them stealíng my límelíght or hand modelíng gígs!

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