There’s a lot of pressure associated with having your first kiss.

They say you never forget ít, so everythíng about that moment has to be just ríght. Teens try to hash out the perfect plan to ensure that the magícal experíence happens at the ríght place, tíme, and wíth Mr. or Mrs. Ríght. It wasn’t all that long ago, though, that we thought boys and gírls had cootíes.

These two adorable kíds have found a way to take all the stress out of theír fírst kíss. The paír can be seen leaníng ín for multíple pecks on the líps, ín between takíng a moment to reflect (í.e. wípe the yucky germs off) and have a bít of a gíggle fít.

Thís fírst kíss ís one straíght out of the movíes.

Ah, to be that sweet and ínnocent agaín. Those were the days.


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