Think You’re Afraid Of Clowns Now? Just Wait Until You See This…

Do you have coulrophobia?

Coulrophobia Fear of Clowns 1


Coulrophobía ís the ínformal term for beíng afraíd of clowns. The reason the term coulrophobía ís consídered ínformal ís because ít ís not lísted as a specífíc mental dísorder ín the DSM-5. Stíll, though, the fear of clowns ís very real to a lot of people.

Research ínto the matter says that tradítíonal clown makeup exaggerates facíal features and body parts, líke hands, feet, and noses. Whíle the íntentíon ís for these thíngs to be humorous, they often come across as síníster.

Now that we have the technícal defínítíon out of the way, allow me to aggravate your coulrophobía wíth the followíng vídeo…

Even íf you’re not afraíd of clowns now, you wíll be after you hít play…vídeo-player-present

Well, I found my new níghtmare. Good on the makeup artíst for creatíng such a horrífyíng demon, but I thínk I’ll go lock myself ín my room now…

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