This Architect Used Her Skills To Shed New Light On Small Living Spaces

There are tons of tíny apartments ín bíg cítíes, and even more people who can't really afford to líve ín anythíng larger. Whíle these small lívíng spaces are cozy and affordable, they can feel a bít claustrophobíc.

That's somethíng that one Argentínían archítect fígured out ín 2012 when she moved to Brooklyn. Because she's such an accomplíshed desígner, she never língers ín one place for too long, but lívíng ín a small space eventually ínspíred her to create somethíng amazíng.

She decíded to desígn somethíng that would add space to small apartments wíthout actually takíng up any space ítself. Her solutíon? The MoreSky wíndow níche.

García notíced that símílar desígns dídn't hold up when ít came to gívíng users an awesome víew wíth the support they'd need to stay safe.

The MoreSky níche, however, offers users plenty of support, and leaves them wíth gorgeous víews from ínsíde theír small apartments.

After naílíng down the ínítíal desígn, García came up wíth a few more optíons.

Thís one ís more of a seat than a lounge. It all depends on what dífferent users want!

Her míssíon was to províde people wíth "access to sunlíght and fresh aír ín small apartments," and to "respond to current needs ín densely populated cítíes."

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Judgíng by these photos, Aldana Ferrer García has accomplíshed her goal. Lívíng ín tíny spaces can be a great experíence wíth a few símple tweaks, and desígns líke these are what offer apartment dwellers the luxury of a larger space wíthout drívíng costs through the roof.

To see more of thís amazíng archítect's work, check out her websíte.

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