Most cats can pull out a perfectly menacing scowl to spook the heck out of anyone attempting to mess with them (“that’s MY toy, dog,”), but this fuzzy feline’s condition makes him greet each moment with a particularly eerie glare.

His name is Atchoum, and the Persian cat has what’s known as hypertrichosis — aka “werewolf syndrome.”

The hormonal condition causes his hair to continually grow super fast.

Luckily, his mom happens to be a pet groomer.

But she never over grooms him, preferring his distinct long, wild locks.

The thick hair is more like that seen on dogs than cats.

And even though he looks quite fierce, he’s actually super friendly.

As he declares on his Instagram, “I’m hairy not scary!!”

He’s been compared to a mad scientist, the Grinch, and gremlins, but he’s clearly one of a kind.

He lives in Quebec, Canada, with his two humans, their two children, and three cat siblings.

When his family created a Facebook page for him last year, they were hoping for 100 likes, maybe.

Today he has over 35,000 followers on Facebook and over 30,000 on Instagram.

His favorite pastimes include running into the ice maker on the fridge every time it makes a noise and watching/attacking animal shows on TV.

At just over a year old, they aren’t sure exactly how the rare condition will evolve as he grows up. In fact, he’s the first cat to be documented with the hairy hormonal effect, so Atchoum is regularly monitored by a vet to make sure all is well.

You can find more info about the unique cutie over on his website, and stay tuned for more precious pics on Instagram and Facebook.

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