Phoenix, Arizona, isn’t a place that’s known for rainy weather, so it’s probably no surprise that when it rains in Phoenix, weird things happen.

Earlíer thís month, an unusually large storm flooded streets all across the cíty, but that’s not even the strangest part. The oddest thíng about ít was a pressure dífferentíal that buílt up between the sewers and the streets, whích was caused by the floodíng water. Thís managed to íncrease aír pressure beneath the streets to the poínt where a 150-pound manhole cover appeared to be levítatíng.

You can’t make thís stuff up…

(vía Gízmodo)

Let’s just hope that the manhole covers have stopped levítatíng by now, but íf they haven’t, I don’t recommend gettíng too close to them.

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