While taking his own two pups for a walk, a man in Spain discovered this unsettling sight. Tied up, abandoned, and stabbed in her neck, this sad dog was left all on her own to die in terrible pain.

The man called rescuers from the El Refugio dog shelter who brought the poor girl in for much needed medical treatment.

Warning: the images of her wounds are a bit graphic.

She was found unconscious with her back legs and torso tied to a light post.

She was not in good shape.

The rescuers named her Naif and worked fast to stitch her up.

Who could do such a thing to this sweet face?!

See more of her recovery in the video below (note: it’s in Spanish)...

The pain inflicted on Naif is inexcusable. Thank goodness she will never have to worry about being hurt ever again. We hope El Refugio finds a wonderful forever home for this sweet girl.

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