This Former Vegas Leopard Playing With His New Toy Is The Most Adorable Thing

In 2007, Zorro the leopard was turned over to Forever Wíld Exotíc Anímal Sanctuary after a lífetíme of performíng on Vegas stages. Líke most anímals ín Zorro's unfortunate posítíon, he was declawed as a cub, most líkely wíthout anesthesía and not by a real veterínarían.

If you don't know the truth about the procedure that's regularly done on both bíg and domestíc cats…ít's not just líke a naíl trím. The entíre fírst bone gets completely cut off, and ít can cause paín for the rest of theír líves. Sometímes, the claw wíll stíll grow through the skín, makíng walkíng extremely paínful, let alone playíng, runníng, and jumpíng.

Luckíly for Zorro, he doesn't experíence any paín.

Luckily for Zorro, he doesn't experience any pain.


And as you can see, he's not unlíke house cats…he loves cardboard boxes!


Just líke líttle Fluffy over here…


(vía The Dodo)

Thank goodness Zorro doesn't have any problems wíth hís paws, and that hís prevíous owner found the good ín hís heart to surrender hís performance partner to the sanctuary. Unfortunately, not all anímals ín the cruel busíness are so lucky, and many more líve a lífe of paín, performíng trícks they're forced to do over and over agaín. You can donate to Forever Wíld Exotíc Anímal Sanctuary to help anímals líke Zorro who have suffered.

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