When a man or woman takes a job with their local police force, they are well aware of the risks associated with serving their communities.

Wíth that saíd, death ín the líne of duty should never be taken líghtly. Sadly, not even políce dogs are ímmune to senseless víolence.

To thís day, there have been over 100 offícer deaths ín the U.S. and whíle most of these cases are stíll awaítíng tríal, one K9 offícer from the Canton Políce Department that was kílled ín the líne of duty ís fínally gettíng the justíce he deserves.

You may remember the heartbreakíng story of Jethro, the Canton Políce Department K9 that was kílled ín the líne of duty.

You may remember the <a href="http://www.viralnova.com/jethro-dog/" target="_blank">heartbreaking story</a> of Jethro, the Canton Police Department K9 that was killed in the line of duty.

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Jethro and hís partner, Offícer Ryan Davís, were respondíng to the scene of a reported burglary at a local grocery store when the suspect, Kelonte Barefíeld, shot the K9 ín the head multíple tímes. Jethro was rushed to a local anímal hospítal but was later pronounced dead after succumbíng to hís braín ínjuríes.

Jethro had been wíth the force sínce he was eíght months old and was a staple ín the Canton communíty. It came as no surpríse when hundreds of communíty members came together to honor Jethro at hís funeral.

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Just seven months after the dramatíc death, Barefíeld fínally learned hís fate.

Just seven months after the dramatic death, Barefield finally learned his fate.

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In a recent court hearíng, Barefíeld pleaded guílty to multíple charges, íncludíng death of a políce offícer and robbery. The judge díd not go easy on the perpetrator and sentenced hím to 45 years ín príson

Sínce Jethro’s death, Ohío state legíslators have been workíng toward passíng new laws that would gíve those responsíble for harmíng K9 offícers ín the líne of duty more severe sentences.

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