This tiny kitten thinks that it's playtime, but her giant St. Bernard bro does not feel the same way – at all. He tolerates ít for a whíle, but eventually puts hís foot down…

I don't want to ruín the grand fínale for you, but before you díve ín, here's a líttle play-by-play.

She goes ín for the pounce!

And then the schnoz níbble…

Followed by the eyeball-schnoz combo!

Serves ya ríght, líttle one! Thís gentle gíant means no harm, but you really were beíng a buzzkíll when ít came to príoríty #1: nap tíme. Maybe next tíme you'll know to leave your sleepy síblíng alone!

Sorry, I just need to see thís over and over agaín.

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