The “house of the future” has long been a dream for aspiring homeowners and sci-fi fans alike. Since the concept of futuristic homes first came into the public consciousness in the 19th century, practically everyone has been on the hunt for ways to incorporate new technology into their living spaces.

Even though gizmos and gadgets for the home have been available for years, we are just now seeing major advancements in home technology come into play. One company appears to have the edge on its future-loving competitors.

Simon Woodroffe, the man behind Yo! Sushi and the ultra-sleek Yotel, is focused on making a compact, functional living space.

In his latest design concept, called Yo! Home, Woodroffe transforms a beautiful living room…

12345  …into an instant bedroom.

The Yo! Home concept comes with ample storage, and it even has a compact kitchen that hides away in a closet.

There’s even floorboard storage next to the couch!

If you’re looking to have guests over for a meal, there’s a collapsible table with recessed seating.

Woodroffe and Yo! Home created all necessary components in a factory, and then assembled them to make these sample modules.


The table and bed both work on electricity and motors, but have alternate controls that can be employed in the event of a power outage.
When I buy a place of my own, this is definitely what I want it to look like. Sure, it’s not as spacious as a regular home, but it has everything a person could possibly want. Plus, it’s too cool for words. What more could you ask for?


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