Photo manipulations are a popular art form where photographs are digitally altered, combined, and rearranged to create new and often surreal images. They can become very complex, but as artist and photographer Stephen McMennamy shows in his “Combo Photos,” sometimes creating a surreal image is as easy as sticking two photos together.
As you can see, McMennamy makes no attempt to hide the fact that these images are created by digitally slicing two photos in half and putting them together to form a new image.

The shapes and colors are lined up, but it’s very clear that you’re looking at two different images.

desktop-1436828742 Still, the forms come together to create a new, often funny creation.

desktop-1436828741desktop-1436828759desktop-1436828760desktop-1436828763desktop-1436828744 desktop-1436828745


Some of the combos make a statement, but some, like this one, are just weird for weird’s sake.

desktop-1436828749 McMennamy says himself that this image doesn’t make a lot of sense, but that’s why he likes it.


McMennamy takes some of the images used to create his Combo Photos, and sometimes he collaborates with other photographers. Other times, he draws inspiration from what’s around to create his images.

This image was inspired by a water tower near McMennamy’s hometown of Atlanta.


The image of the water tower was captured via drone.


The splits don’t just have to be horizontal.

desktop-1436828755desktop-1436828751desktop-1436828756desktop-1436828758desktop-1436828759desktop-1436828760desktop-1436828764 desktop-1436828765 desktop-1436828766 desktop-1436828768

When creating these images, McMennamy tries to combine things that might not be imagined as going together, but still work perfectly. It’s a whole new way to look at the world!

You can see more of McMennamy’s Combo Photos on his website, as well as on Tumblr and Instagram, and learn some of the funny backstories behind them.

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