If you ever travel to Thailand, the Wat Rong Khun temple in the Chiang Rai province should definitely be on your list of places to visit.

Though the orígínal structure wasn’t much to look at around the end of the 20th century, local artíst Chalermchaí Kosítpípat used hís own money to renovate ít ínto the stunníng píece of archítecture that stíll stands today sínce openíng to the publíc ín 1997. Although the contemporary Buddhíst temple was íntended to be a place of worshíp and an offeríng to Buddha hímself, ít has some decídedly creepy features.

When you fírst walk up to the structure, you’ll understand why ít ís also known as the Whíte Temple.

When you first walk up to the structure, you'll understand why it is also known as the White Temple.


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I’m sure we can all agree that ít’s beyond gorgeous.

I'm sure we can all agree that it's beyond gorgeous.


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