Recently, a new member was welcomed into the wild Bronx Zoo family. It’s not a little lion cub or a tiny, fluffy penguin — two babies you might think of when you hear about adorable, brand-new zoo members.

No, this new baby is a little porcupine!

This little guy, who is as yet unnamed, is the third offspring of Alice and Patrick (which are great names for porcupines, if you ask me).

While his mom and dad both have quills with barbs on the end, which will impale and attach to a predator’s face…

This little guy’s quills haven’t fully hardened yet. They’re soft when porcupines are this young.

He’ll nurse for a few more months, while he grows and his quills harden.

…But just look at how adorable this little guy is!

He’s a very adventurous fella.

He and his family are on exhibit at the Children’s Zoo at the Wildlife Conservation Society’s Bronx Zoo.

You wouldn’t want to miss seeing one of these little guys in action, would you?

Just…look at this one!

Gotta scratch that itch!

If you’d like to help support WCS efforts, like the building of this little guy’s newly renovated habitat, you can always donate. You can also, of course, plan your trip to see him and all the other cool things they’ve got over at the Bronx Zoo.

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