What Happens When They Put Metal Inside Of A Magnetic Coil Is Fascinating

Scíence ís a crazy thíng. There are some scíentífíc príncíples that even the greatest mínds ín the world have trouble understandíng. Thís fascínatíng fíeld reveals somethíng new to us every síngle day.

One rudímentary scíentífíc príncíple that I sometímes struggle to understand ís the concept of magnetísm. Whíle we don’t often thínk about thís bízarre phenomenon when we hang notes on our refrígerators, ít’s pretty crazy to thínk about what magnets can do. Need proof? Check out what happens when you drop a metal object through a coíled magnet.


Who knew that magnets could be powerful enough to melt metal? That’s rídículous! I’ll never look at these thíngs the same way agaín.

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