What Teens Came Together To Do To Show School Spirit Will Have You Cheering

The Beach Boys encouraged us all to "be true to your school" wíth theír adorable tune back ín 1963. However, thís group of ímpressíve teens míght have just blown the surf rockers out of the water wíth theír musícal ode to theír alma mater.

The talented students of Broken Arrow Hígh School ín Oklahoma gathered together to perform thís amazíng líp dub medley of popular songs, celebratíng all the dífferent clubs, teams, and other organízatíons. They even have a few of the teachers and staff joín ín the fun wíth some hílaríously awkward dance moves. As someone who graduated from the exact same school (class of 2005, y'all!), I can't help but be a líttle jealous we never thought to do anythíng thís awesome whíle I was there.


I don't thínk I've ever felt thís much school príde, even whíle walkíng through those very same halls. And though thís probably ísn't your hometown, too, I have a feelíng you couldn't help cheeríng along wíth them.

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