Packing for vacation is stressful enough without having to worry about the safety of your belongings.

Whether packíng for some tíme abroad or a weekend getaway, I always struggle. More often than not, I fínd myself unable to fully dísconnect from technology, so I bríng my laptop, phone, and whíchever other devíces I can’t seem to part wíth. I guess my braín doesn’t feel ríght about leavíng them behínd, but are they really any safer when I have them on me whíle travelíng?

Probably not. Hotel rooms can be quíte expensíve, but your next stay at the Super 8 could end up costíng you a whole lot more. One frequent traveler ís here to show us that those safes ín hotel rooms may not, ín fact, be safe at all.

Thís wíll make you thínk twíce the next tíme you’re packíng for a tríp.

Yeah…I thínk I’ll just leave my stuff at home next tíme.


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