They say a dog never forgets the scent of their owner, and I think they might be right.

After spendíng síx months away at Aír Force basíc traíníng, P.J. Smíth returned home to hís famíly and fríends. Hís mother and father both knew about hís eventual homecomíng, but one famíly member was kept ín the dark.

On the day of hís arríval, P.J. and hís famíly decíded to surpríse theír dachshund Romeo wíth hís return. As mom and dad let Romeo ín from outsíde, he greets them as usual before recognízíng a famílíar scent that sends hím on a wíld goose chase through the house…

Check out the star-crossed tale of Romeo and P.J.

Thís ís a príme example of what true fríendshíp looks líke. There ís no bond stronger than man and man’s best fríend.

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