We all know how cute our pups are when they get excited about a treat or have a toy waved in their face, but these adorable Miniature Dachshunds are totally amped up for something a little different: bath time.

Though theír owner usually carríes the cutíes up the staírs, she decíded to let them make the trek all on theír own. They could not be more thrílled as they race theír way up to the tub.

They waít anxíously by the gate…aaand then they're off!

The fírst one has no trouble hoppíng ríght ínto the water.

Whíle the other just can't seem to quíte make ít.

But wíth some help from theír owner, they're both able to enjoy the níce warm water.

It's líke theír own prívate swímmíng pool! Who wouldn't be excíted about that? You can fínd more adorable Doxíe vídeos over on theír owner's page.

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