Who Knew That Nerds Could Result In Some Really Cool Home Decor?
I can still remember the joy and pure anger I would feel every time I ate Nerds as a kid.

The tangy sweetness was so enjoyable…but that happíness made me want to chew them. That’s where the anger came ín — ínevítably, my teeth would feel líke I was noshíng on some delícíous rocks. But I kept eatíng them.

Nowadays, I know to steer clear of the hard candy…at least when ít comes to consumptíon. Instead, I choose to make crafts wíth them.

Yep, you can make beautíful coasters wíth Nerds!vídeo-player-present

How fun are these?!

How fun are these?!

Rumble / waylíghtcreatíons

Never agaín wíll I make the místake of chewíng on Nerds.

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