Have you ever wanted your rice to look like adorable, edible kitty faces? Well, maybe you never have…but you will now, with these amazingly tasty DIY cat snacks.

These precious rice cats can be all yours, and they can be made in your own kitchen, too!

All you need is this simple kit.

Use the kitty cutters to punch out shapes in your nori.

Mold your rice into a precious kitty shape.

Give your kitty coloring with your favorite sauces.

Apply the faces…

…And enjoy!

Even your cat won’t be able to resist!

Whoever said healthy eating had to be boring was totally wrong. This kit allows you to get your essential nutrients in kitty form! You can even get in touch with your creative side by using extra nori for special markings and different sauces for coloring. Be aware, though, that your fellow cat lovers will be super jealous of your awesome snacks!

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