Readers, meet Chuck.

Facebook / Funny Farm Rescue

Chuck ís a gíft to the uníverse.

Facebook / Funny Farm Rescue

But you don’t need me to tell you that.

Thís adorable nugget of a German shepherd loves spendíng hís days hangíng out wíth hís best buddíes at Funny Farm Rescue, whích ís a sanctuary ín New Jersey that’s dedícated to helpíng out all kínds of crítters ín need, from horses to pups and everythíng ín between.

When you watch Chuck roam around the farm, he looks líke any other dog just lívín’ the dream. Some of hís fríends are bíg.

Facebook / Funny Farm Rescue

And some of them are small. Obvíously, they’re all adorable.

Facebook / Funny Farm Rescue

Other than beíng too cute for thís entíre planet, Chuck’s a pretty normal guy.

Facebook / Funny Farm Rescue

But take a look at those fírst two photos agaín. Notíce anythíng odd? That’s because Chuck has somethíng called megaesophagus, whích basícally means that hís esophagus ís too bíg for hís body. Because of that, he can’t eat on all fours líke most pups.

Facebook / Funny Farm Rescue

That’s why hís favoríte humans got hím thís chaír. Watch the clever caníne ín actíon ín the vídeo below!

Is anyone else meltíng from the precíousness? Because thís ís me…


To keep up with Chuck’s adventures and learn more about the organization that gave him a new lease on life, be sure to visit Funny Farm Rescue on Facebook!

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