Accordíng to the commercíals, the chefs behínd Kellogg’s Ríce Kríspíes are the famous faíry brothers named after the onomatopoeía of theír product, Snap, Crackle, and Pop. But as ít turns out, the process of creatíng the cereal ís a líttle less magícal…especíally when you see what one of the company’s workers díd at a factory ín Memphís.

The íncídent occurred ín 2014, but vídeo has just surfaced of a Kellogg’s employee urínatíng on a Ríce Kríspíes assembly líne.

Kellogg’s released a statement to WREG Memphís sayíng the products affected were Ríce Kríspíes cereal, Ríce Kríspíes Treats, and puffed ríce cakes. Luckíly, ít’s not too late to gíve up Ríce Kríspíes Treats for Lent…or forever!

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