When we think about mental illness, we don’t often consider the fact that thousands of animals are forced to deal with anxiety and depression every single day. These creatures experience emotions just as deeply and intensely as we do, so it only makes sense that they’d develop psychological issues after enduring years of abuse and neglect.

One such animal is a sweet little cockatoo that now goes by the name of Javi. Her previous owners called her Hobby, and they treated her as such. This bird was seen as little more than a plaything for most of her life, which actually caused her to develop anxiety issues.

This is probably what you think of when a cockatoo is mentioned…

A white cockatoo looking over the shoulder

But these beauties, along with other birds, often resort to a practice called “over-preening” when they feel chronically anxious.


Now going by Javi, the beautiful bird came to the sanctuary as Hobby. Born in 1996, the feathered friend was most likely treated like her namesake, which in turn caused her a great deal of stress.


Because of her constant anxiety, she over-preened to a drastic level…

But thanks to Tallgrass Parrot Sanctuary, Javi is finally enjoying her brand-new life!desktop-1446504958

According to one adorable Facebook post, “She’s doing awesome! She’s a rockstar.” She’s since cut back on over-preening, but as far as feather regrowth, only time will tell. Even if her feathers don’t grow back, she will still be able to lead a healthy, happy life with the right care. In the meantime, she’ll be busy taking nice baths and snacking on some of her new favorite foods!


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