Mystery Snail

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How to take care of apple snails: food, housing and breeding.
It would be a nice thing if the apple snail names were applied correctly, but the most commonly used names: mystery snails, golden apple snail, ivory snails.

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Chinese mystery snail – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Chinese mystery snail, black snail, or trapdoor snail, scientific name Bellamya chinensis, synonym Cipangopaludina chinensis, is a large freshwater snail.

Detailed information on caring for Mystery snails with pictures
A page thats devoted to keeping Mystery snails in fish tanks. Including details about reproduction, pictures, user comments and related topics.

How to breed mystery snails (Ampullaria) with pictures
Were surprised no one thought of painting mystery snail shells, yet. Appeal. Mystery snails add an element of intrigue to your aquaria.

Black Mystery Snail – AC Tropical Fish
The Black Mystery Snail belongs to the genus Pomacea in the family Ampullariidae. This family is also called the Apple Snail family.

Caring for Mystery Snails – AC Tropical Fish
Mystery snails are probably the most available freshwater invertebrate out there, and have become quite popular in recent years.

Chinese mysterysnail (Cipangopaludina chinensis) – FactSheet
Synonyms and Other Names: Chinese mysterysnail, Oriental mystery snail, Asian applesnail, Chinese applesnail, C. chinensis malleatus, Viviparus malleatus.

Mystery Snail | Live Fish | PetSmart
Mystery Snail | If its always been your desire to own a Product Name, look no farther than PetSmart, where you can get live invertebrates.

Black Mystery Snail –
A peaceful, hardy pet, the Black Mystery Snail can make a nice addition to many aquariums. They can be kept in communities or by themselves.

Mystery Snail

Chinese and Banded Mystery Snails: Minnesota DNR
Chinese mystery snail. Species: Large, olive colored snails. Origin: Chinese mystery snail (CMS) is native to Asia. It was brought to California in 1892.

Chinese Mystery Snail | Missouri Department of Conservation
The Chinese mystery snail is an invasive species quickly taking over urban waters throughout the state. These Asian snails are popular with aquarium hobbyists.

ODFW Oregon Invasive Species – Mystery Snails
Chinese and Japanese Mystery Snail fact sheet (pdf) mystery snails. Chinese mystery snails removed from a Jackson County lake.

Mystery Snails-Pomacea Bridgesii – The Aquaphile
Species page for Mystery Snail (Pomacea Bridgesii)

Mystery Snails – SilvaraWilde – HubPages
The Mystery Snail (Pomacea bridgesii) is a species of Apple Snail. However unlike most apple snails, mystery snails do not eat plants.

Chinese Mystery Snail (Bellamya chinensis) Review 
Chinese Mystery Snail (Bellamya chinensis) Review. Jarid Waltz. Fish 423. : 3 LARGE (1/2"-2"+) Ivory White Mystery Snails : 3 LARGE (1/2-2+) Ivory White Mystery Snails – (Algae eaters, safe for fish, live aquarium plants, and shrimp) by Aquatic Arts.

Black/Purple Mystery Snails – : 3 LARGE (1/2-2+) Black/Purple Mystery Snails – (Algae eaters, safe for fish, live aquarium plants, and shrimp) by Aquatic Arts.

Chinese Mystery Snail –
Chinese Mystery Snail. Cipangopaludina chinensis. Viviparus malleatus. Identification. Why is it a. Problem? Light to dark olive-green smooth.

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