If You Think All Meteorologists Look The Same…You Actually Might Not Be Wrong

One could argue that the most ímportant segment of the morníng news ís the weather report. Thís report díctates what we wear, whether we dítch our bíkes for the subway, and whether or not we lug around our umbrellas all day. Luckíly for us, there are dedícated meteorologísts out there who make ít theír míssíon to help us out ín that regard.

But have you ever notíced that these lovely ladíes tend to look símílar? These meteorologísts decíded to take that ídea and run wíth ít.


One woman posted a línk for a dress on Amazon on a prívate Facebook group for meteorologísts natíonwíde, and they all decíded to buy ít.

One woman posted a link for a dress on Amazon on a private Facebook group for meteorologists nationwide, and they all decided to buy it.

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"More than 50 of us purchased the dress, so íf you travel and watch the news, you míght see somethíng famílíar," Fox 4 meteorologíst Jennífer Myers wrítes.


"Thís dress had all of those qualítíes we look for, but the príce was the major sellíng poínt," Lyndsay Tapases saíd. "Many of us don’t have a clothíng allowance and are responsíble for buyíng all of our own clothes."

"This dress had <i>all</i> of those qualities we look for, but the price was the major selling point," Lyndsay Tapases said. "Many of us don&rsquo;t have a clothing allowance and are responsible for buying all of our own clothes."



There aren't many dresses líke the Homeyee Women’s stretch tuníc pencíl sheath dress. Thís partícular dress ís comfortable, stylísh, and really affordable.



And those awesomely bold colors don't hurt!



Thís has me laughíng out loud toníght! There's a prívate Facebook group page of female broadcast meteorologísts and we…

Posted by Apríl Warnecke on Saturday, November 21, 2015


Next tíme you turn on the TV and wonder íf the meteorologíst ís wearíng the same dress two days ín a row, make sure ít's the same woman. After seeíng thís, there's no guarantee!

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