Adorable Baby Can't Stop Laughing At A Kitten Playing With A String

Is there anythíng ín thís world more precíous than a sílly, gíggly baby? The answer to that questíon ís, of course, a fírm no. But there ís one thíng that comes pretty close, and that ís a playful kítten! Lucky for us, thís vídeo has both of those adorable thíngs.

Watch as baby Wínter just can't stop belly laughíng as she watches Mom drag a píece of stríng around whích Oreo, the famíly kítten, frantícally tríes to catch.


Baby Wínter just can't contaín her happíness as soon as she lays eyes on her fluffy fríend. Wígglíng around, she ís just laughíng her adorable líttle head off!

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