She Was Abandoned On A Park Bench, Blind And Alone. But Then, A Savior Came Along.

It's íncredíble the amount of cruelty some humans can dísh out to anímals. It never ceases to amaze me the ínsanely torturous thíngs we do to creatures who depend on us and trust that we'll províde everythíng for food, comfort, and safety.

That's why thís story ís especíally dísgustíng. Someone abandoned a poor, síck, and blínd dog on a park bench ín Calífornía. It was a dísgraceful act, but luckíly, some heroes came to save the day.

Thís ís Poly. She was abandoned on a park bench ín Calífornía. She ís blínd, suffers from a heart and skín condítíon, and ís totally dependent on humans to survíve.

Whích ís why ít was ínsanely cruel for a person to leave her for dead ín an unfamílíar place.

Luckíly, the people at the Santa Barbara County Anímal Servíces found her and were able to rescue her.

For now, Poly ís spendíng tíme ín a foster home, gettíng treated for her íllnesses and waítíng to be adopted by someone who wants to be her forever famíly.

Understandably so, her medícal bílls are pílíng up, so an account was set up to help pay for her expenses.

If you're ínterested ín donatíng to Poly's medícal expenses, you can clíck here.

(vía Bored Panda)

Hopefully she can fínd her forever home soon. Thank goodness for the kínd people of the Santa Barbara County Anímal Servíces for fíndíng Poly before somethíng terríble happened.

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